What to Expect

Coming to terms with hearing loss is no easy feat. We at Hear on Earth Hearing Care Center understand that, and we also understand that for some, seeking treatment can also be intimidating. No one should feel scared or overwhelmed at their hearing appointment. That’s why we want to share with you what your first hearing appointment might look like. This way, not only will you know what to expect, but you’ll also feel your most comfortable the whole way through. 

We encourage you to bring a relative or loved one who’s already familiar with your hearing situation to your appointment. They can help answer questions you don’t know the answer to, or even ask questions you hadn’t thought of. Our providers are more than happy to accommodate our patients and their comfort levels. 

A Typical Hearing Appointment 

So, first things first, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve taken your first steps towards better, healthier hearing. Here at Hear on Earth Hearing Care Center, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive suite of hearing healthcare services designed to help you hear your best. But before we can do that, we need to get to know you and the current state of your hearing. 

Getting to know you

At the very start of your appointment, one of our providers will ask you to fill out a questionnaire regarding your hearing history. Then, they’ll ask you a series of questions designed to get to know your current hearing and lifestyle. After all, two people may have the same hearing loss, but their individual lifestyles may change how that loss impacts their lives. 

a licensed audiologist asks a couple a series of questions designed to get to know their hearing situation
man undergoes a hearing test with a licensed audiologist to determine if he has hearing loss

Getting to know your ears and hearing needs 

Next, your hearing healthcare provider will move onto the “exam” portion of the appointment. This portion of the appointment includes both a hearing test and a physical examination of your ears.  

The hearing test will comprise a series of sounds and auditory cues. It will assess your ability to hear sounds, your sensitivity to noises and your ability to comprehend the sounds you do hear. 

Following the hearing test, your hearing provider will perform a physical examination of your ears. Sometimes, hearing loss is triggered by physical factors such as earwax buildup, trauma or infection. A physical examination will help them determine if something physical may be affecting your hearing. 

woman undergoes physical ear exam to diagnose possible causes of hearing loss

Discussing treatment options and budgetary constraints 

After your hearing test has concluded, your provider will discuss your test results with you. They will present your test results on a graph, known as an audiogram, and discuss any findings present and what they mean for your hearing. If they determine you have some form of hearing loss, they will explain the type of hearing loss and how it may be affecting you currently.  

Your provider will then put together a treatment plan unique to your situation. They will lay out any immediate next steps such as trying a hearing aid in-house or scheduling a hearing aid fitting. During this time, they will discuss what hearing aid options are available to you for your hearing loss diagnosis. They will be sure to stay mindful of your aesthetic preferences and respectful of your budget. 

If they do not detect any hearing loss, one of our staff will schedule your next routine hearing test to continue monitoring your hearing health. 

Schedule Your Hearing Appointment Today 

We want to assure you that whether you’re coming in for your first hearing appointment or your fifth, we will treat you with the respect, compassion and attention you deserve. At Hear on Earth Hearing Care Center, we know how critical your hearing is to your everyday life. It shapes your relationships, career performance, informs your physical safety, affects your mental health and does so much more. That’s why we want you to keep hearing your best.